Get more Walmart Cash when you book your Hotel, Flight, & Car separately!
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Why book vacation packages with Walmart+?

Start your perfect getaway by booking a package with flight and hotel on Walmart+ Travel. Walmart+ members get up to 5% Walmart Cash on vacation packages to Phoenix or the metroplex of Dallas. Booking one travel package with Walmart+ Travel saves you time, so you can stop scrolling through endless combinations of dates and start packing your bags.

Where can I book vacations to get 5% Walmart Cash with Walmart+?

Craving the stadium feeling of the windy city of Chicago? Or the hazy sun and laid back vibe of Los Angeles? Let Walmart+ Travel take you there with vacation packages for cheap. Set your sights on Atlanta or Houston and complete your vacation planning in just a few steps. As long as you're on the Walmart+ Travel platform, you'll earn up to 5% Walmart Cash automatically.

How to book vacation packages to get Walmart Cash through Walmart+ Travel?

Go to the Walmart+ Travel platform and sign in to your Walmart+ account. Each of the Walmart+ Travel packages you book on the platform, such as a San Francisco getaway or a family trip to Seattle, get you up to 5% Walmart Cash. An earnings report will be generated after each purchase, so you'll know how much Walmart Cash to expect. You'll be notified again about 30 days later when your Walmart Cash has been credited to your account and is ready to use.