Walmart+ members get 20% on hotels, car rentals, and activities for a limited time plus 5% on air travel.


Why book car rentals with Walmart+?

Booking cheap car rentals with Walmart+ Travel makes travel more affordable without any complicated discounts. Walmart+ members get 5% Walmart Cash whenever they rent a car with Walmart+ Travel, from SUVs to get your family across Houston to a compact sedan for negotiating the San Francisco hills. Add to your rewards by combining the Walmart Cash for your car rental with other loyalty programs. Walmart+ Travel also helps simplify your vacation planning because everything from cars to hotels to flights is on one platform.

Where can I book car rentals to get 5% Walmart Cash with Walmart+?

Pack the whole family into a mid-size van to explore Phoenix at your own pace or treat yourself to a sports car to slide through the streets of Las Vegas in style. As long as you book your car rental on Walmart+ Travel, you'll earn 5% Walmart Cash as a Walmart+ member. Select unlimited mileage so you can get out of Seattle and explore its lush surroundings or go on an adventure beyond the Dallas metroplex. Say goodbye to waiting for public transit in Chicago and Los Angeles, and save on your car rental with Walmart+ Travel.

How to book car rentals to get Walmart Cash through Walmart+ Travel?

To get your car rental Walmart Cash, head to the Walmart+ Travel platform and sign in to your account. Each of the cars you book on the platform, from Atlanta to San Diego, will earn you 5% Walmart Cash. A report that lists your earnings will be generated after each purchase, so you can keep an overview of how much Walmart Cash you have. You'll receive another email about 30 days later when your Walmart Cash is in your account and ready to use.