Walmart+ members get 20% on hotels, car rentals, and activities for a limited time plus 5% on air travel.


Why book experiences and activities with Walmart+?

Booking your destination's top attractions with Walmart+ Travel is easy and helps save you time and money. Walmart+ members get 5% Walmart Cash on activities like museums, theme parks and other landmarks. Finding activities on Walmart+ Travel also keeps everything you need for your perfect vacation in one place, from flights to hotels to things to do.

Where can I book activities to get 5% Walmart Cash with Walmart+?

Visit the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, Dallas' World Aquarium, or Seattle's Space Needle: when you book these attractions with Walmart+ Travel, you'll earn 5% Walmart Cash. Your kids will love Universal Studios Hollywood on your Los Angeles vacation, or SeaWorld in San Diego. You'll also love getting 5% Walmart Cash on tickets for the whole family. Treat yourself to a show in Vegas or a game in Houston and watch your Walmart Cash grow. 

How to book experiences and activities to get Walmart Cash through Walmart+ Travel?

To get your Walmart Cash, all you have to do is sign in to your Walmart+ account on the Walmart+ Travel platform and start planning things to do. Each of the experiences you book on the platform, from San Francisco to Chicago, will earn you 5% Walmart Cash. A report that lists your earnings will be generated after each purchase so you know how much Walmart Cash you've earned. When your Walmart Cash is switched from pending to ready to use about 30 days later, you'll receive another email.